Ann M. Hue
to reminisce
about the play:
The Smartphone Was Invented Before the Candle...)  


It is a recreation of the play The Smartphone Was invented Before the Candle. Written by an unknown playwright, the play takes place in an unknown time in an unknown location. With an accumulation of director’s notes, posters, costumes, backstage objects, newspapers and much more, the play slowly deconstructs and reforms itself.
Costume designers, stage designers, lighting technicians, theatre critics and nine talented members of the production team spent four days recreating the possible elements within and around the play. (the production days︎)

Lucy Bird                     

Andrew Hart
Yuxi Xiao
Kaushikee Gupta
Sunyong Oh
Lily Kong
Cred Roy          
  Luca Bosani
Shinuk Suh      
Alice Bucknell
Ty Locke            
Serena Huang 
Victor Seaward
Diego Valente
Someone who missed the play Costume &Sound
Newspaper editor
Director’s notes Backdrop    
Rehearsal rooms
Backstage objects
Tools&Fire exit Stage&Lighting Props&Sandwich