Sky Empty

a Zoom play

A digital theatre created during the current climate.

The windows of Zoom is transfered into an entity of the digital stage, where the light is on, livestreaming the livestreamings of the chronicle. The camouflage of the auditorium is darkness .

It presents a collection of unrelated fragmented narratives that evolve around the time when the tree that was used to connect the sky and the earth started to sink.

and then the sky started to move away from us
oh wait
or is it us moving away from the sky

The tree refers to the holy tree, Jianmu
as recorded in a classic Chinese text Shan-Hai Ching.
The title is a literal interpretation of the Chinese word for sky -
天空. 天 means sky and  means empty.

The play contains a small amount of fast moving imagery.

actually, the exit looks brighter in the dark