“The smoke from our chimney formed their sky,
and in much the same way,
their smoke made ours.”

25min installation

featuring:  the door   the clock   the dragon scale   the stone   the dragon eye   the Zhushu’s twig  the weeping wall

It is an arrangement of scenes and sculptural objects at the Bomb Factory South Gallery inspired by digital play SKY EMPTY, where the title of the project comes from.  

It continues exploring the entanglement between irrelevant elements, dimensions, time and space. It is a collection of scenes that I imagined as synecdoches of a civilisation that is similar to ours but has evolved on a different trajectory at some point in the history.

There is a 25 minutes sound track that loosely guides the audience through the space and decodes some of the visual elements.  

The project is made during the New Contemporaries Digital Fellowship-

video documentation and presentation: